Why demand an archival mat?

Over time, mounting boards and mats with acid content (non-archival) will
begin to turn to a dark-yellowish or brownish color. As time passes, the acid
from these materials is likely to leach to your photograph and cause
it to deteriorate in the same way.

How to identify an archival mat.

While not a fool-proof identification method, most archival mounting 
materials (mats and mounting boards) are easily identified by their solid white
core. This is a reasonable indicator that they are made of (acid-free) materials.
The tell-tale for non-archival materials is their brownish, cardboard-colored
center color.

My “Gallery Series” black-anodized extruded-aluminum frames include
hand-cut mats and mounting boards created from archival materials.

Hand-cut mats made of acid-free material.

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