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Lt General James Longstreet
Commanding First Corps, Army of Northern Virginia
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Soldiers of General Longstreet's command held and protected
the right wing of the army on July 2-4, 1863. His First Corps attacked
and dislodged Union forces at the Devil's Den, the Wheatfield and the
Peach Orchard on July 2nd. As a portion of his infantry secured the
Peach Orchard, General Longstreet advanced on horseback
with them.

The following day, General Longstreet was ordered by
General Robert E. Lee to coordinate an attack against the Union
center on Cemetery Ridge. On July 3rd, "Longstreet's Assult" was
repulsed with great loss after penetrating the enemy's battle line on
Cemetery Ridge. During the march back to Virginia, General Longstreet
and his First Corps played a prominent role in protecting
the retreating army.

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