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( C L I C K  P H O T O  F O R   N E X T  P A G E)
P    H    O    T    O         I    D
Devil’s Tower
October 28, 2004

This nearly vertical monolith is known as Devils Tower. It rises 1,267 feet
above the Belle Fourche River, a remnant of ancient volcanic activity.
For the northern plains indians, this is a sacred place of worship they
call “Bears Lodge”.

Kiowa Indian mythology says that seven little girls were playing in the
woods far from home when they encountered some bears.
As the bears began to chase them, the girls found refuge at the top of this
great rock. In fact, they were so high, the girls became stars in the night sky.
Fortunately, the bears' pursuit was in vain.

Today, you can still see remnants of the struggle, including claw marks
from the bears' attempt to scale the side of the Bears Lodge.

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