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The Battle of Monocacy
Frederick, Maryland
July 9, 1864

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Text reads:

By the summer of 1864, the Confederate Army was paralyzed at Petersburg, Virginia. A Union defeat at Lynchburg, however,
left the Shenandoah Valley and the path to Washington, D.C. virtually undefended. Seizing this opportunity, Confederate General
Robert E. Lee devised a plan to alleviate the pressure by threatening the Union capital. In mid-June, he dispatched Confederate
Lieutenant General Jubal Early with a corps of roughly 15,000 men north. By July 8 they had reached the outskirts of Frederick.

Agents of the B&O Railroad learned of the Confederate movement and alerted John Garrett, the president of the B&O Railroad.
Garrett informed Union Major General Lew Wallace, in command of the Middle Department at Baltimore, who hastily organized
a force of 6,550 men at Monocacy Junction in an attempt to delay Early's advance on the capital. On the morning of July 9, 1864,
Confederate and Union forces engaged each other along the banks of the Monocacy River on the far left of this photograph.

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